Poetry Inspired by our U3A Holiday in Norway

4 Poems and photographs by Robert Reynolds

Sailing into Unknown Waters

Preparing to sail

On a ship of our dreams

A cut above the norm.

Thatch is trimmed

To look aloof

While riding the storm.

Cruising into fascinating fjords

With U3A friends

Dressed in uniform.

What colour tonight?

My Northern Light changes

A spectrum it doth deform.

Whether ‘tis nobler to suffer

The effects of global warming

We must seek out environmental reform.

The halls of ice melt

In a Bergen bar;

Our gene pool must conform.

Robert Reynolds

Norwegian Symphony No 1

Mexican maps table

A cocktail of geographical

Features in a Norwegian fjord

The sun sets on the North Sea

As we pass through inland waters

Relax in calm comfort

Before evening questions

Put us to sleep before dusk

Formality abounds, bow-ties

Spinning in black observing

Trolls providing liquid refreshment

Who then turn to stone?

Norway in a nutshell awaits us

After a Bergen bash in the

Hall of the Mountain King

Robert Reynolds

Ligging at the Lido

Lazing with the lounge lizards

On topsy-turvy tables

We spin the wheel of fortune

What food shall we eat?

It’s a lottery; where

Is that oriental salad?

We wait in delicious

Expectation of a timbale

Of timeless tunes

Digestion of facts

Defeats playful participants

Trying to Articulate

The obvious answers

To all our problems

Knowledge is power

As the band strikes up

Stars on forty five

The result is a draw

Robert Reynolds

Hellesylt Hideaway

Frothing turbulence transmits

A need for a moonlight serenade

An uncertain course plotted in a coral sea

The urgent need for karaoke

Leads me down a corridor of

Thirty two doors each with a

Unique password to salvation

I need a lift but I am

Too far gone, I wait for a sign

Pale blue diamonds’ sparkle

Memory picks a number but

Where did I put the key to life?

Bare necessity and a cold draft

Invigorates the need for the

Loving arms of my Hellesylt beauty

A knock on the door

A siren’s voice

Lovers reunited

Robert Reynolds

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Monday 9th July

Ace Café 2pm

Aelaide Row

Price of Ticket £2.00 (includes cup tea/coffee)

Contact Jackie for further information.


(Image from Google images)

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July Walk

Please Note July 6th. Walk is cancelled.


Next walk Friday 7th September Sunderland Sculpture Trail.

Meet Park Lane Bus Station.(Greggs) 11.00am


Change of Films

Change of movies on 11th June, is now showing “The Greatest Showman” and on 25th “Finding your Feet” Change due availability of latter film.

Sorry for the delay  giving out the information.


Social Group Visit


The Social Group (over 40) visit to Colman’s Seafood Temple was a great success. The venue was light and spacious with wonderful views over the North Sea.  The food was excellent and the portions were very generous.  Carole’s Lemon Sole was massive, there was hardly enough room on the plate for the chips.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and the evening went too quickly.

Many thanks’ Gordon from everyone.

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Colmans Temple image from Google Images