Walking Group

Could I please remind fellow walkers that our next walk takes place on Friday 5th April 2019, starting at 10am.

We meet in the car park at the Seaton Lane Inn and take a gentle circular route before we return at approximately 12.30pm to the Seaton Lane Inn for coffee or lunch.

Alan S

Seaham Harbour Badge

“This is the badge, very kindly designed by Jack Temple for the all-weather U3A jackets.  Jack’s design displays a palette to represent the many artistic elements of U3A, while the book represents the literary elements of U3A, and the miner’s lamp represents the industrial and engineering elements of our region and our U3A. Jack spent a great deal of time on his excellent design and we are most grateful for his efforts”.


Edan and Art Block Programme 2019?


February 19th – March 30th

Photography and Print

An edan members’ exhibition to showcase photography and printing skills.

April 2nd – May 11th


A sequential display of the art work produced by members and invited guests who participated  in an exercise involving circulating work and producing a new piece inspired by the work received.

May 14th – June 22nd

Textile, paint and ceramic.

Showcasing edan’s textiles, paintings and ceramics work.

June 25th – August 3rd

Trees and Denes

Working in collaboration with East Durham Heritage Coast,  this multi-media exhibition by edan members and invited guests will focus upon trees and the unique characteristics of the denes (wooded valleys) of County Durham.

August 6th – 31st

Private Member Exhibition: Neida Pearson

Neida Pearson, a long time member of edan,  works finely patterned designs using gouache, pencil and water colour. She is hosting this exhibition to celebrate her birthday.

September 3rd- October 5th

edan groups, workshops and activities

Multi-media exhibition to showcase the educational and developmental activities of edan.  All work shown will have been produced as a result of the artists’ participation in edan’s groups, workshops and external activities. 

October  8th  – November 16th


We are all aware of the panic about our over-use of plastics and the pollution that plastic waste is creating. This exhibition would like acknowledge that problem whilst at the same time considering our dependence on plastic – its use as well as its abuse.

November 19th – December 21st

Christmas Exhibition

A multi-media selling exhibition of work by edan members



Clean Bean, Seaham:

Mining Art Group exhibition


Durham Visitor’s Centre:


Mining Art Group exhibition

Membership Subscriptions Due

Please bring your Membership Subscriptions along to the next monthly meeting (14th March).

Would you also please pass this message on to fellow members without a computer.

Thank you to all those members who have already paid.

Membership Fee:             £16.00

Associate Members Fee: £13.00