News from The Trust

U3As across the movement are working hard to stay open for business -even although its virtual and not face to face.

Everyone is working hard to stay connected and active during this period of restricted movement and, if our Keeping in Touch Facebook page is anything to go by, you are all doing it with energy, kindness and great humour.

Some of you are asking about whether it is time to resume some face to face meetings. From a U3A activity perspective it is really important that government and NHS advice is followed. The U3A movement has been guided throughout this time by that advice and should continue to do so – for the safety and wellbeing of all our members.

We have been advised by our insurers that this is crucial from a public liability insurance perspective.

I appreciate how strong you have all been maintaining social distancing and remote learning in this difficult time. You have carried on supporting, uniting and protecting each other – so please carry on doing this until the government and NHS guidance changes.

Many of you have asked us about the next steps and we want to work with you so that together, we can develop a plan for the future. Our Chair Ian has more details further down the Newsletter about how you can input into that process.
It is lovely to read so many of your stories and connections below. Please keep encouraging others to sign up to the newsletter so that we can keep sharing and staying connected with each other.

Through Your Door Bitesize Newsletter

Please encourage friends and colleagues who can, to sign up directly to the National Newsletter – during this time, it is more important than ever that all of our members can access news and information immediately when it is needed. 

We know there is a small number of members who don’t have email.  We don’t want them to miss out, so for the first time we are introducing a bite sized newsletter in PDF form that members who are signed up can download- print off – and pop through a colleague’s door. 

This PDF version has selected highlights and any important notices – so with or without email, you are included.  Find the button for the PDF newsletter further down this newsletter.

For colleagues who wish to receive this electronic newsletter, sign up. :

Learning to Zoom
Thank you to our wonderful Trust Volunteers who have been delivering tutorials about how to use and access Zoom.

An Introduction to Zoom tutorial lasts for 1 hour and helps members use this technology.  Due to the popularity of these sessions, the team have created an advanced tutorial which covers more in depth topics.

To find out more, email
Enjoying what we can of Gardens, parks and other outside spaces have become an important part of our lives during this time.

U3A members have been sharing photographs of their garden on the Keeping In Touch group and several more sent photos into us, demonstrating how much members are enjoying their gardens in this time.

Please contact me if you wish to receive the full Newsletter, you can find my email address attached to the last email I sent “Malcolm’s letter”.

George F

Sharing a thought

The letter below is purely a personal thought from Joan W

Thank you Malcom W for thinking of us all and it’s great to hear that we are all well.  

Yes, it is a difficult time but I thought I’d share something which happened to me.  I was feeling a bit low and, if truth be told, feeling sorry for myself that I would be “celebrating” my birthday without my family and friends. I have a wall full of photos of myself and my husband, daughter, grandson, parents, grandparents etc – known as the “rogues gallery” I was just standing in front of it and suddenly thought – why on earth am I feeling sorry for myself!  I’m not being scared as hell not knowing where my husband is for 6 months, I’m not being bombed or targeted by V1 and V2 rockets, I’m not being aimed at and taunted by Japanese snipers in the palm trees, I’m not enduring box or creeping barrages, I’m not knee deep in mud for weeks on end, I’m not under the North Sea working in an 18 inch coal seam and I’m not facing a Russian tank in Berlin the night the wall went up!  All I have to do is stay indoors, obey the rules and behave myself!!

I must emphasise that this is a purely personal thought and opinion and that many are having a very difficult, even awful time – but it did help me (again stressing the “personal” bit) to put things in perspective.

With very best wishes to you all and stay safe.  See you on the other side of the lockdown!

Joan (W)

Bob C’s Photographs

Here are some more of Bob C’s photographs.

He thought you would like see Dalton Park, just in case anyone is missing it?

The others I think you will all recognise.  The last photograph was taken Tuesday evening when we had that brilliant sunset.