iPad Group

I’m sorry but for various reasons I’ve had to cancel iPad group on December 4th.
Also, as the first Tuesday in January next year is New Year’s Day, I reckoned that not many people would be wanting to come along!

So the next iPad meeting will be TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5TH at 1.30 pm in the Crows Nest as usual


A Visit to Wynyard Hall and Acklam Hall

Visit to Christmas Fayre at Wynyard Hall and afternoon tea at Acklam Hall    Friday 16th November 2018

Gordon may well have been on a cruise ship between Lisbon and Valencia but his organisational excellence and expertise were fully evident in all elements of this trip.  I was charged with the management of the day but I was merely the supply teacher hoping that the class would behave wonderfully well in his absence and they didn’t let me down.

On arrival at Wynyard we were delighted to see that mini buses were available to ferry our members to the main hall, a nice touch.  The hall, marquee and tepee were awash with Christmas delights, a plethora of gifts, charms and decorations.  As more and more visitors arrived the Fayre became rather crowded, coffee and cake in the main restaurant in the hall was superb and provided an oasis of calm.  When Sir John Hall, the owner of Wynyard, ambled into the restaurant, I couldn’t resist a five minute chat with him about the wonderful times we shared at Newcastle United when he was in charge.

Then it was off to Acklam Hall with a history lesson on the way.  The staff at Acklam were excellent, welcoming us warmly despite the fact that we were a shade early.  Afternoon tea was equally good, the food was plentiful, varied and rich.  The staff provided doggy bags for many of our members who had enough for a late supper and even next morning’s breakfast. Well done Gordon, a splendid day, more of the same please!

Alan S.


Fraud Alert

I know you are all too savvy to be conned by these fraudsters but they are pretty convincing in their approach and execution of the deed. 

I have just recieved this email from Durham Police.


I have just been advising a male who has fallen victim to the following scam and wanted people to be made aware in case you should be next to receive a phone call.
A person has rang the victim stating they are from his bank – Barclays – and they have noticed that 2 new direct debits have been set up. The victim did not recognise the companies, so the caller stated his bank account had been compromised and he should transfer all his money to a new account and the person gave him a new sort code and bank account.
This was all a fraud and the IP has lost all his money and the bank are refusing to compensate him.
If you receive a call like this, first tell the person you will ring them back and end the call. Then phone a friend to make sure the fraudster is not in control of your phone line. Once you are happy, go on a website to obtain the telephone number, or find the number for your bank by other means. If the fraudster gives you a number, do not use it. Speak to your bank and see if what the person was saying is correct or not and then take advice from them.
PC 1296 Paul Walmsley
Message Sent By
Paul Walmsley (Police, PC, HQ Comms)