Glasgow Trip

We got home last evening at 6.30pm, weary but happy. We had a great time and all went extremely well, particularly the weather in Glasgow. The party was great, a lovely mix and people were so kind and supportive. 

Alan S

Walking Group

Could I please remind fellow walkers that our next walk takes place on Friday 4th October 2019 starting at 10am.

We meet in the car park at the Seaton Lane Inn before we return at approximately 12.30pm to the Seaton Lane Inn for lunch or coffee.


I Belong to Glasgow

A big thank you to Alan Smith for organising the trip to Glasgow.

The visit to the Kelpies on a beautiful day was a really good experience with information given by our guide Hannah, we also saw what was inside a horses (Kelpies) head quite a surprise. Falkirk Wheel was our next stop a marvel of modern engineering.

Our Hilton Hotel stay in pleasant surroundings and comfortable with easy access to Glasgow which is a must come again city. Visiting Edinburgh on Sunday we experienced good old Scottish weather but still enjoyed our time spent here.

Homeward bound arriving in Seaham to more rain.

Never mind we all had a jolly good time.

Cheers Alan, Lang may your lum reek.