Garden Party 10th August

The 10th August see’s us having our Garden Party, everyone has been asked to donate a bottle of wine for the day, but could you bring it to the meeting on the 11th July please?

Travel Group

Cruise Ship

Seaham Harbour U3A Travel Group met for the first time On Wednesday 24th April at 10.30am at a member’s house. This is a very enthusiastic group who need a leader.

We discussed what we would like from the group and decided, mainly any kind of travel, as opposed to slide shows and talks.

Travel suggestions were (and there were many and in no particular order)

  1. Cruises, Ocean and River from Newcastle, Hull and Liverpool
  2. Coach tours, day or overnight staysTravel Bus
  3. Flights from Newcastle, perhaps to somewhere warm
  4. Historical Outings
  5. Train journeys for Weekends away or short Midweek breaks.

Future travel plans include:

  • A day trip to Pickering and Whitby with the local bus company NorthStar Travel on Saturday 20th July 2013
  • A weekend in Edinburgh by train in late September/early October Members are sourcing Train and Hotel deals
  • A cruise to the Scottish Islands and Faroes on June 9th 2014 for 7 days

Travel Plane

Introducing Pilates

PilatesOur Pilates group meets on Mondays at 9.30 am in Dalton le Dale hall.

We don’t just do it ourselves we have a qualified Pilates instructor who works with us.

If anyone is interested please contact Carole Fairweather

Learning about Comments

It has been said that some members of the U3A don’t know how to add comments to the blog, so we are going to be a little bit clever and use the blog to learn how to add a comment.

Make a comment

So, here we go:

Do you see below where it says “Leave a comment

Under there it asks for 4 things:

Your name – this is required so you have to put it in.. don’t want to give your real name? That’s fine, call yourself Mickey Mouse if you like, or Bill Clinton it’s not important. However, if you want to discuss something on here with other U3A members what’s the point in hiding?

So go on, type your name in the box

Now it’s asking for your email address; you need to write that in too. So, go on do that. Don’t have an email address? That’s fine, just put

Now it’s asking for a website; just ignore that box

Then finally it’s your comment, so in the box you write what ever you like. So give that a go, write something. Stuck for what to say? Just say, “hello, my name is X and this is the first of many comments I am going to make on the U3A blog”

Then hit submit

So go on do that. That’s it you have made your first comment.

It won’t come up straight away as it has to be approved first – if you use your own email address we’ll then add that to the ‘safe’ list so in future when you make comments they will automatically be updated.