French Group

The French group meet every two weeks, on a Tuesday at 10.30am in a member’s house. There are currently 8 members in the group who enjoy coffee and cake whilst talking about current news and other topics in a relaxed environment. Our learning tools are a book and CDs by Stephanie Rybak called Breakthrough French, we have also watched French films and even sung French songs by Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet. We usually have our Christmas meal at Café Rouge in Durham as this is the only French Restaurant we can find in our area. We are also planning a trip to the Tyneside Theatre in Newcastle when they next start their French film season.


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Introduction to French Group


The French group meet every other Tuesday at a member’s house at We are a small group of 8 very personable ladies.

We are now approximately halfway through Breakthrough French Book 2, it is more challenging than Book 1 but we persevere, with coffee, biscuits, and lots of laughing to help us along.

In December 2014 we went for our Christmas Lunch to Café Rouge in Durham, the only French Restaurant we could find in our area. A good time was had by all and the meal was excellent.   I

Introduction to the Basic French group

Our group Leader is Carole Fairweather

The French group have almost reached double figures, and we are progressing slowly but surely, not quite fluent yet but we have a very good French Teacher who is helping us with our grammar and pronunciation.

We are now on the last unit of our Breakthrough French 1, book and CD’s so we are trying a little more conversational French

 We meet every other Tuesday at 10.30 am at a member’s home usually Carole’s. Just for something different we have watched a couple of French Films which we have enjoyed.