Digital Photography March Outing to Roker Sea Front

For our March outing we visited the Roker sea front, the weather was cloudy but reasonably bright.

This area has been revamped in the last couple of years with new seating and planted areas.  The planted beds have been augmented with many tree trunks, presumably these were washed up on the beach or downriver.  The effect is interesting but of course the plantings were still dormant and a look into Roker Park the previous day to check on the spring bulbs revealed zilch.  There were none so photography was limited to the sea front.

The group stood up to the challenge very well as usual, and some very good pictures were produced.

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Digital Photography Group

We started the photography group in 2012 and have photographic outing on the first Monday of each month followed by a review meeting on the third Monday.

At the review meeting we look at the pictures taken on the outing and easy going comments are made on the good points or failings of the work produced.

Our first outing was July 2012 with ten members, numbers have fluctuated since but currently we number seventeen.

The quality of pictures taken by the members from 2012 shows tremendous improvement, and comments are usually about the good points.

Brian Angus (Group Leader)

Digital Photography Visit’s St. Peters Church

St. Peters church and the Monastery was founded in 673 AD. and is the area where Bede was born. The Monastery was where he was educated from the age of seven; it was also where he did much of his writing.

The first church on the site was built on instructions from Benedict Biscop in 674-750 AD. only the west wall and porch survive. The tower was added before 1000AD. on top of the porch, the rest of the church in the 14th century.

Brian A.

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Photography Group Outings Planned 2017

February 6th:

St. Peters Church Monkwearmouth

The Riverside and Glass Centre.

Set subject: Reflections.

March 6th:

Roker sea front and Roker Park.

Set subject: Early Spring.

April 3rd:

Castle Eden Dene

Set subject: Weathered Wood and Tree Knots.