Walking Group Diary 2012 to 2013

Month                 Venue

5.10.12                Joe’s Pond Meet Visitor centre

2.11.12                Beamish

7.12.12                Whitburn/Shields   Meet Cornthwaite Park

4.1.13                  Shincliffe

1.2.13                  Meeting

1.3.13                  Hawthorn Dene Meet Noses Point

5.4.13                  Castle Eden Meet The Lodge Durham Way SR8

3.5.13                  Durham Riverside Meet Market Place, Londonderry Statue

7.6.13                  Beacon Point Easington Pit Cage Meet Noses Point

5.7.13                  Biddick-Fatfield

2.8.13                    Murton Rail Line Bus Stop outside Dow House (U3A Meeting Place) at 9.45a.m Bring Your Bus Pass

6.9.13                  Yellow Brick Road

4.10.13                Beamish Meet Shepherd &Shepherdess

1.11.13                Chester-le-Street Meet Market Place

6.12.13                Hetton Bogs. Meet Hetton Baths Car Park.

1.1.14                  TBA

Walks Commence at 10.30 am (Unless otherwise stated)

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The Walking Group

Leader:   Bob Crabb

We meet on the first Friday of the month at 10.30am at a designated meeting place dependant on the route, usually no longer than 30 minutes drive. We are a large enthusiastic group who really enjoy walking and talking.

 2012 to 2013
Month Venue
5.10.12 Joe’s Pond. Meet Visitor Centre
2.11.12 Beamish
7.12.12 Whitburn/Shields.   Meet Cornthwaite Park
4.1.13 Shincliffe
1.2.13 Meeting
1.3.13 Hawthorn Dene. Meet Noses Point.
5.4.13 Castle Eden. Meet The Lodge Durham Way SR8
3.5.13 Durham-Riverside. Meet Market Place, Londonderry Statue.
7.6.13 Beacon Point-Easington Pit Cage. Meet Noses Point.
5.7.13 Biddick – Fatfield
2.8.13 Murton Rail Line. Bus Stop outside Dow House (U3A Meeting Place) at   9.45am. (Bring your Bus Pass)
6.9.13 Yellow Brick Road
4.10.13 Chester-Le-Street. Meet Market Place.
1.11.13 Beamish. Meet Shepherd&Shepherdess.
6.12.13 Hetton Bogs. Meet Hetton Baths Car Park.
1.1.14 Meeting. Venue to be confirmed.
Walks commence at 10.30 (unless otherwise stated).