Images from Three

These images are from three of our Photographic Group.

Bob C took his life in hands and braved the A 19 to get some of his shots, he did use the Green Cross Code. The first eight photographs are Bob’s.

Kathleen C took the next four using her imagination and something from her garden.

Jean M took the last two nice shots.


Non Covid 19 Advice

Some important information from Durham Police, so I thought I

would pass it on.

I hope your are all well and coping.

Take care.

Stay healthy


Photographs from Bob & Gordon

We have 9 images from Bob & 3 from Gordon. The Easter Egg is to send us Easter Greetings.

Queer faced chap with two eyes accused of A Salt & Battery. The others just plants Amaryllis 2nd.year house grown; Yellow Fritillary has a Foxy smell even before flowers appear other Frits. are Snakehead variety. Magnolia just starting to open but have wind damage Cherry about ready to open will send when ready. (Oh no not more to follow.)