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Hi everyone

Just writing to let you know what’s coming up at the Seniors at Sunderland

Date of Showing Name of Film
26th June I Give it a Year
3rd July Lincoln
10th July Hitchcock
17th July Song of Marion
24 July This is 40
*31st July Les Miserable’s
7th August Safe Haven
14th August A Late Quartet
21st August The Sessions
28th August Good Vibrations
**4th September Flight
11th September Guilt Trip
18th September Bernie
25th September Love is all you need
2nd October Promised Land

I fancy some but not all.  Let me know if you fancy any of them (start at 11 am but best if you get there at 10.30 for a good seat)

Also just ask if you want further info on any of them.

(*wonderful, especially on big screen)

(**Watched it on TV – good film)


Photography group update

October our third outing to Washington Wild Fowl trust went very well after a wet start, our normal good weather returned.

November we decided on Castle Eden Dene to shoot some autumn pictures, and again we got off to a damp start before some decent weather returned.

December and January no outings but we did have a meeting to sort out some pictures for the proposed Seaham U3A calendar.

February a sparkling day but freezing cold, never the less Newcastle and Gateshead key side provided us with some very good pictures.

02 Serenity. Riverside Durham June

March the Hawthorn Dene snowdrops were the subject for our cameras this month and as usual they offered a stunning sight.

April’s visit was our worst weather experience so far dull and with a bitter wind off the sea, sensible people would have gone home but we still managed to get some interesting pictures.

01 View from Prebends Bridge June

May Causey Arch was the scene of our latest outing, and after coffee, bacon sandwiches and scones in the little cafe, we headed down into the valley to photograph the oldest surviving railway bridge in the world.  The Tanfield Railway also claims to be the oldest railway in the world running for some six miles, as we were leaving the twelve thirty from Tanfield appeared just for our cameras.

Garden Party 10th August

The 10th August see’s us having our Garden Party, everyone has been asked to donate a bottle of wine for the day, but could you bring it to the meeting on the 11th July please?

Walking Group Diary 2012 to 2013

Month                 Venue

5.10.12                Joe’s Pond Meet Visitor centre

2.11.12                Beamish

7.12.12                Whitburn/Shields   Meet Cornthwaite Park

4.1.13                  Shincliffe

1.2.13                  Meeting

1.3.13                  Hawthorn Dene Meet Noses Point

5.4.13                  Castle Eden Meet The Lodge Durham Way SR8

3.5.13                  Durham Riverside Meet Market Place, Londonderry Statue

7.6.13                  Beacon Point Easington Pit Cage Meet Noses Point

5.7.13                  Biddick-Fatfield

2.8.13                    Murton Rail Line Bus Stop outside Dow House (U3A Meeting Place) at 9.45a.m Bring Your Bus Pass

6.9.13                  Yellow Brick Road

4.10.13                Beamish Meet Shepherd &Shepherdess

1.11.13                Chester-le-Street Meet Market Place

6.12.13                Hetton Bogs. Meet Hetton Baths Car Park.

1.1.14                  TBA

Walks Commence at 10.30 am (Unless otherwise stated)

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Poetry Update

Summer Fun was the theme for this month’s Poetry workout and the weather did not disappoint – pouring rain yet again.


However, it did not take long to change the atmosphere by taking and tracking a steam train to Adlestrop for an unexpected stop in midsummer by Edward Thomas. I also recounted many of the trials and tribulations of hiking in the Peak District with my own poem Kinder Surprise as well as pondering on where to go with another self-penned effort The Getaway.


Liz brought with her a tape of Pam Ayres and chose Packing that extolled the virtues of packing for every eventuality and in doing so even managed to find a rhyme for Paracetamol.


An unexpected surprise was Mary Wilson’s gorgeous descriptions of the Scilly Isles; yes, you’re right, the wife of Harold Wilson and a fine poet in her own right. No stone or pebble left unturned.


Along with many more poets such as Jenny Joseph, William Blake and Lee Hunt we found out that W H Auden spent time in Rookhope and Bob managed to find a poem by Seamus Heaney despite Margaret not being able to recall his surname, the poet’s that is not Bob’s.


We finished the session with Marrazon Morning by Marilyn Lucy Worship from the National Poetry Anthology 2013 that portrayed the heat of a Spanish coastal town and screeching seagulls… actually that reminds me I must go and Google it.


Robert Reynolds