Walking Dates 2020

Please note all walks meet am at 10am.

7th.February. Meet Cenotaph, North terrace. Byronic Walk (a bit) 

6th.March. Seaham Anti clockwise Cenotaph, North Terrace, opportunity for coffee on this route (M Bacon)

3rd.April. Meet Cornthwaite Park, Whitburn. Bring snack.SR6 8EG.?

1st.May. Meet Seaton Lane Inn. (A. Smith)

5th.June. Meet Gala Theatre, Durham. ( G. Fairweather.)

3rd.July. Meet Herrington Country Park.

7th.August. Meet Noses point walking to Crimdon. Bring snack and Bus pass.

4th.Sept. Meet Seaton Lane Inn. (A. Smith.) 

2nd.Oct. Cox Green. Meet layby bottom of Penshaw Monument.

6th.Nov. Durham Bridges. Meet Belmont Park & Ride 10am. or Market Place, Durham.10.15. (A. Smith)


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