Art Appreciation Update – to see the exhibition of Railway Poster Art

Just to remind you, our next visit will be June 16th to see the exhibition of Railway Poster Art at Ushaw College.

It is recommended that you use the Postcode DH7 7DW to take you to the visitors’ entrance. It opens at 11am and I propose we meet in the cafe soon after that, before we view the exhibition.

The cost of entry is £9. I think most people have been before, but should it be new to you, it is a wonderful building to look around.

I have been looking for somewhere to visit in July and there is rather a dearth of choice  at the moment.

I therefore suggest we visit the Laing’s ‘Liquid Light’, their current exhibition of watercolours taken from their permanent collection. The cost would be £7.20

Looking forward to seeing you at Ushaw

Carol A