Seaham statue of Tommy the First World War soldier

Looking for something to do in Seaham Harbour?

We are Seaham Harbour U3A

The Seaham Harbour U3A gives retired people a unique opportunity to do something different in Seaham, Co. Durham. The U3A offers you the chance to make new friends, develop new skills, learn new experiences and really get out and enjoy your retirement.

The U3A is a group; the  University of the Third Age; where you and I can make the most of our retirement.

The U3A is a UK-wide movement which brings together people in their ‘third age’ to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment.

The third age is the time period after you have finished working full-time or raising your family and have time to pursue your interests or just try something new. It is that time that every working person always wished they had more of; now you’re retired you have the time, so make the most of it.

Seaham Harbour U3A has members with the knowledge and experiences we can utilise to teach and learn from each other; perhaps you have something you too can offer us? The beauty of this university is there are no teachers, no homework and no exams to pass! It’s all done for pleasure.

It’s all voluntary; Seaham Harbour U3A has many activity groups covering many different subjects – from walking to art appreciation, and everything in between..

Time on your hands?

Interested in making new friends?

Retired or close to retirement, and looking for something to do with your spare time in Seaham Harbour?

Seaham Harbour U3A could be just what you are looking for – we are a large group of retired people living in Seaham who are not ready to grow old with our feet up just yet! We still want to experience and learn more about what this life has to offer us, and learning from our environment, each other and people from the North East gives us the opportunity to do just that.

A very big welcome to Seaham Harbour U3A. This website helps to keep our members, guests, and anyone interested in joining us, informed about our activities.

Seaham Harbour U3A is just one of many U3As around the country affiliated to the Third Age Trust. Our U3A exists for the benefit of those, no longer in full time employment, who wish to learn and keep active.

Members share their knowledge and experience, and participate in a range of activities through our monthly meetings and special interest groups.

You are more than welcome to attend one of our monthly meetings as a visitor and hear one of the varied speakers who come along to entertain us – after which we hope you will join us.

One member said, “Being on my own was difficult, the Seaham Harbour U3A has changed my life. I have made many new friends”.