Welcome to Seaham Harbour U3A

Welcome to Seaham Harbour U3A2023-08-30T20:17:14+01:00
Seaham statue of Tommy the First World War soldier

Looking for something to do in Seaham Harbour?

We are Seaham Harbour U3A

A very big welcome to Seaham Harbour u3a.

Our website aims to keep members, guests and anyone interested in joining us, informed about our activities.

Our motto is “Its never too late to Learn, Laugh and Live”.

Seaham Harbour u3a gives everyone who’s not working full-time a unique opportunity to do something different in Seaham and its surrounding area. The u3a offers you the chance to make new friends, develop new skills, gain new experiences and really get out and enjoy life.

The University of the Third Age is a UK-wide movement which brings together people in their “third age” to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment.

Seaham Harbour u3a could be just what you are looking for, we are a large group of people mainly living in Seaham who are not ready to grow old and put our feet up just yet! We still want to experience and learn more of what life has to offer us, we have the opportunity to do just that.

Members share their knowledge and experiences, participating in a range of activities through our monthly meetings and special interest groups. These groups cover many different subjects from art appreciation to wine tasting. Perhaps you have something you can offer our members. The beauty of this “University” is that there are no teachers, no homework and no exams. Everything we do is for pleasure and fun.

You are more than welcome to attend one of our monthly meetings as a visitor and hear one of the varied speakers who come along to entertain us, after which you might want to join us. Our monthly meetings are held at 10am, the second Thursday of each month, at the Masonic Hall, North Road.

A comment expressed by one member who had recently lost her husband was “Being on my own was difficult, I was lonely, Seaham Harbour u3a changed my life. I’ve made many new friends”.