A snowy day at Castle Howard on 6 December 2012 – fantastic!

18th Century Castle Howard, a snowy December day, lighted Christmas trees all along the route from the Entrance – beautiful.

Nearly every room, including the room where we had lunch, featured a blazing log fire and huge or unusual, bare-branched Christmas trees with hundreds of baubles and lights.  Even the statues were festively draped.  The whole effect was fabulously seasonal, welcoming and warming.

The driver took the scenic route to Yorkshire and we were able to enjoy the sight of beautiful snow covered trees, fields, drystone walls and a watery sun along the way.  We were indeed fortunate to be able to see such scenery and still manage to safely circumnavigate the still-snowy roads along the way.

The water feature in the middle of the sweeping landscape of Castle Howard grounds, the centrepiece of many a scene from the original serialised Brideshead Revisited, as well as the more recent 2008 film, was frozen over! (a bit like us during the morning, waiting for the bus  and then having coffee later, however we warmed up somewhat afterwards and found that upon our return the icy conditions seemed to have disappeared)

It was a wonderfully successful and unique day, all things considered, and grateful thanks are due  to Gordon for arranging it!