The group explored a broad chord of Music this month from a wide variety of viewpoints. Twelth Night was the source of the famous sonnet “If music be the food of love…” by William Shakespeare before going all Biblical with The Dirge of King David. We were then transported [...]

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Animals was the theme for this month’s Poetry workout and even though there was only three members there was still a strong turnout from the Animal Kingdom with several species represented. Cats were very popular especially Millie, the Happy Cat from Marilyn Jacob and Joanna Hatfull’s Camouflage Cat as [...]

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Poetry Group

The Poetry Group delivered bouquet of flowers in both classical and modernist styles. We found that there was an abundance of flowery poetry in the days of the Grand Tour when gardening was both an art form and a science Inevitably Daffodils reared their golden trumpets to the sky [...]

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Poetry Update

Summer Fun was the theme for this month’s Poetry workout and the weather did not disappoint – pouring rain yet again.   However, it did not take long to change the atmosphere by taking and tracking a steam train to Adlestrop for an unexpected stop in midsummer by Edward [...]

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Poetry updates

A small band of poetry readers and some writers meet on the THIRD Wednesday of each month at 10.30am to discuss the merits of selected poems based on a monthly theme guaranteed to stimulate the mind and broaden the horizons of all participants. Even if it does not we [...]

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