March to May Walking Group Updates

March Walk

Our March walk began at Tommy on the seafront at Seaham and was led by George Fairweather.

George led us along the seafront before we turned left to St Mary’s Church and then passed to the rear of Seaham Hall.

We continued to follow the path past Seaham Harbour Cricket Club, Seaham Station and along Strangford Road to Dawdon.

George then took us through the back streets of Dawdon as far as Noses Point before, we returned past the docks to our starting point.

Many thanks to George for leading us on such an interesting walk.

April Walk

I was due to be leading this walk around Durham but the day was massively affected by the shocking weather.

Overnight it rained and on the morning of the walk it was absolutely pouring down.

Many members rang up to give their apologies and I did not blame them at all- the weather was horrendous.

Anticipating, that I was completely wasting my time, I set off for Durham and when I arrived at the park and ride at the Ramside, I was amazed to see Doreen Fenwick waiting for me- what a star!

She and I completed the walk, soaked to the skin, but what fun it was!

Alan and Doreen of the Seaham u3a Walking Group in Durham

May Walk

We decided to reschedule the Durham walk for May and this time we were blessed with lovely, warm weather.

We set off from the Gala Theatre over Elvet Bridge, past the prison and the cricket ground before reaching Maiden Castle sports field and Houghall College.

We completed our walk on the opposite riverbank and returned to the city centre. A splendid walk with much excellent historical knowledge, from mainly Bob.

Alan Smith and Walking Group