Animals was the theme for this month’s Poetry workout and even though there was only three members there was still a strong turnout from the Animal Kingdom with several species represented.

Cats were very popular especially Millie, the Happy Cat from Marilyn Jacob and Joanna Hatfull’s Camouflage Cat as lesser-known poets were readily indulged. Margery Williams told us about A Velveteen Rabbit whose life experiences hopped and skipped and Alwyn Gornall gave us a testament of love that Wild Horses could not break.

Bob Crabbe (not one of the animals involved) allowed Gelett Burgess to pronounce acclaim for The Purple Cow eventhough he was later dismissive of his little ditty. Spike Milligan cheered everyone with accounts of pigs, cats and even the humble woodworm. However, if you want to safeguard a true siren of the seas I recommend you read Whalesong by Denis Martindale on the WWF website and adopt a whale; they need to be kept safe in our little pond.

Apologies to Hilaire Belloc and D.H.Lawrence for missing out their contributions to animal poetry from this blog I’m sure they would not mind as I have not mentioned the two poems I wrote on the subject as a mark of respect. For anyone who wishes to join our happy throng next month please join us on Wed. Sept. 18th at 10.30 am at the usual venue when the theme will be Journeys.

Robert Reynolds