Hazel nut & Raspberry Meringue

We all had a lot of fun making Hazelnut and Raspberry meringues. Everyone had a sly lick of the bowl and ending up with cream on their faces. This is the recipe if anyone fancies a go at making this delicious sweet Serves 4 – Preparation 20mins – Cook [...]

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The Cookery Group for October cooked Cassoulet from a recipe provided by Jean M. The recipe was very easy to follow. I know Jean will not mind me adding this but it is not a recipe some of the group would cook normally. We were all pleasantly surprised by [...]

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Cooking up Chicken and Ham Tangle Pie.

This session, chicken and ham were the main ingredients, plus sheets of Filo Pastry for the top crust (see Jean for the full recipe). The filling and top were very easy to make. Some of the group were thinking ahead and baked individual pies for freezing. Why didn’t I [...]

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Cookery Classes Begin

The first two hour cookery class took place on the 26th January 2015. We all met at 3.50pm to be escorted to our classroom at Keiper Academy School in Houghton le Spring. Our group leader is Jean Mullen who is assisted by Evelyn Cole A favourite recipe was provided [...]

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Meet Monthly 4th Monday of the Month Meeting on 23rd. February On Monday 23rd February, 17 Members were at Houghton Kepier School for the second cookery lesson of this new Cookery Group. The dish of the day was to be Chicken Jalfrezi, it was prepared amongst much laughter and [...]

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