Dear friends and colleagues,

In conjunction with the current edan exhibition ‘Ghosts’, at the Art Block, East durham Artists’ Network have organised a film-based event for the afternoon of 17th September, at the Art Block, 74 Church Street, Seaham (SR7 7HF).

You are cordially invited for refreshments at 1.30 followed by the Ribbon Road film ‘Giving Up the Ghosts’ and some further film-based material about young people in post-industrial areas like our own.

The ‘Ghosts’ exhibition was inspired by the work of Geoff Bright from Manchester Metropolitan University who is interested in the idea of ‘Social Haunting’. Social Haunting refers to the ways in which our past as a community and as individuals, affects our present lives and is especially relevant with reference to questions of identity and social confidence in areas which experienced rapid de-industrialisation. Geoff and his colleage Professor Gabrielle Ivinson, who has been working with similar ideas with young people, mainly young women,  will be presenting the films and any subsequent discussion that they might provoke.

The event will end at 4.00pm at the latest.

Please come to what promises to be an interesting afternoon.

RSVP if possible to this email address.

Best wishes,

Jean Spence (on behalf of edan)