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Forensics Event on Thursday 19th March 2015 at Seaham Harbour Masonic Hall

10.00:      Arrival, registration and coffee

10.30:      Session 1: CLUES FROM THE GRAVE-

  •                 What happens when we die?
  •                 What do detectives and pathologists do in a murder enquiry?
  •                 What are the clues that we leave behind?

12.00:      LUNCH

12.45:       Session 2: PSYCHOLOGICAL AUTOPSIES-

  •                  How profilers use psychology to determine the profile of a

13.45:      TEA/COFFEE

14.00:       Session 3: CHILD ABDUCTION-

  •                   e.g. the McCann case.
  •                  How would you do if you were in charge of abduction case?
  •                  (Practical session),

15.00:       Finish.

NB: 1. These sessions are not for the squeamish!

2. Don’t forget to bring paper and a pen with you.

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