The letter below is purely a personal thought from Joan W

Thank you Malcom W for thinking of us all and it’s great to hear that we are all well.  

Yes, it is a difficult time but I thought I’d share something which happened to me.  I was feeling a bit low and, if truth be told, feeling sorry for myself that I would be “celebrating” my birthday without my family and friends. I have a wall full of photos of myself and my husband, daughter, grandson, parents, grandparents etc – known as the “rogues gallery” I was just standing in front of it and suddenly thought – why on earth am I feeling sorry for myself!  I’m not being scared as hell not knowing where my husband is for 6 months, I’m not being bombed or targeted by V1 and V2 rockets, I’m not being aimed at and taunted by Japanese snipers in the palm trees, I’m not enduring box or creeping barrages, I’m not knee deep in mud for weeks on end, I’m not under the North Sea working in an 18 inch coal seam and I’m not facing a Russian tank in Berlin the night the wall went up!  All I have to do is stay indoors, obey the rules and behave myself!!

I must emphasise that this is a purely personal thought and opinion and that many are having a very difficult, even awful time – but it did help me (again stressing the “personal” bit) to put things in perspective.

With very best wishes to you all and stay safe.  See you on the other side of the lockdown!

Joan (W)