The lunch Club has had a very successful year. We have visited 10 venues – of which 7 were new.

We began in September with a visit to the Roker Hotel on the seafront at Roker. And we ended with a trip to the Asiana Fusion Restaurant in Sunderland in July. Inbetween, we have been as far west as Durham, and as far east as Seaham(!).

Numbers have varied depending on the venue and type of menu on offer. We have had as  many as 34 attending the Oak Tree Farm in Doxford Park and The Old George in Shotton; while only 15 attended the Ashoka Indian restaurant in Seaham.

My thanks are due to all those who have supported me this year as I took over the organisation of the Lunch Club. I hope you have enjoyed the meals and the camaraderie this year as much as I have, and that you will continue to come back in the future. Your help and goodwill this year has made it a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for me.

I hope that, next year, we can continue to find new places to visit within my 20/25 minute self-imposed radius. Any suggestions will be gratefully received – although not all can be acted upon!

All members of the Seaham U3A are welcome to attend any of our outings. So, come along and make new friends. We won’t eat you – the menus are usually too good!

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Allan Gurney