On Thursday 27th August a number of members from the Luncheon Group decided to ring the changes by going out for an evening meal at The Half Moon in Easington Village instead of our usual monthly lunchtime get together.


We had a very pleasant evening enjoying good company as always and very good food.

I think everyone commented on how good the food was and all would agree that the portions were extremely generous. In fact maybe a bit too generous. We couldn’t quite believe the amount of food coming out on the plates. We all made a good effort to get through it all though!!


However the surroundings were a little bit of a let-down. Myself and Jean Mullen had a bit of a laugh about how it was like stepping back in time as The Half Moon was a pub that we often visited many years ago. Literally nothing had changed. Same decor, same carpet, same curtains, same everything down to the sizzling platters on wooden boards. HaHa!!

Having said that it the surroundings did not deter us from having a really enjoyable evening and I would like to thank Allan, of behalf of all who attended, for organising it.