The weather for our walk was overcast with sunny intervals. Off we set into the depths of Castle Eden Dene. All the trees with their magnificent leaf coverage, a bit like walking through the jungle (but we had a decent path) no wild animals spotted. A bit of an incline to cross the Horden to Blackhall road then onward down towards Denemouth /Horden Beach, passing under the viaduct, a spectacular piece of engineering and bricklaying.

Meeting one of the local yokels he informed us that it was quite windy further on and he was right, it was blowing a gale. Never mind we made it to the beach over the moonscape (Mine rubbish deposits). The sea was rough and the view limited because of a fret blowing off same. It was still nice to see it in a different light. A short break here then back the way we came escaping the wind as we left the beach.

Still that climbs out of Dene to the Finish.