Here are some photographs from our Photography Group for November, some are from archives and some taken recently.

Due to Covid-19 our field trips have been suspended for sometime but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully we will be out and about in the New Year?



Blast Beech BC

Look for the Face (Dog) BC

Line to Nowhere BC

The Park BC

Road to Nowhere BC




After Dark MM

Another World MM

The Bridge MM

Roker Lighthouse MM

Silhouette MM

It’s Here Somewhere AS

I’m Bored AS

Great Expectations AS

Ducks & Drakes AS

A Catch of Fishermen AS

A Bag-full of Goodies AS

Circles. MA

Lest We Forget MA

Seaham Hall MA

Garden Visitor MA

Squares MA

Dalton le Dale MA

Female Blue MA

Dew Drop MA

Woooooh. MA

Red for Danger MA

Alstroemeria in Nov BA

A Brooding Sky. BA

A Stroll in the Woods.BA

Red Eyes. BA





Host of Golden Sunflowers MA



Confused GF

Double Take GF

Head Stand GF

Just Another Face GF

Resting GF

Contemplation CF

Church Parade CF

Bottle Brushes CF

Hobbit Dwelling CF