Our wine tasting group meets on the first Thursday of each month. There are twenty members in the group. Unfortunately, to date, we can’t accommodate any new members as holding a discussion with twenty already proves difficult once a glass or two of wine has lubricated the tongues of some! We do have a waiting list, although, there is nothing to stop someone starting up a second group.
We meet for fun and laughter as well as friendship. We are a friendly, lively group but do have a serious point to the evening, namely, sampling wines we wouldn’t normally select ourselves.
Each member of the group takes it in turn to lead the meeting by selecting wines , finding out about them and sharing this with the group whilst producing some delicious food nibbles to compliment the wines.
Our evenings to the Newcastle Wine School have always proved to be highly enjoyable and a great success.
Our Christmas evening, sampling various champagnes was hailed by all as a memorable night accompanied by tasty food and lively games and a quiz.

A couple of important point to finish:-
Life is too short to drink bad wines.
The secret of enjoying a good wine; firstly, open the bottle to allow it to breathe, and, if it doesn’t look like it’s breathing, give it mouth to mouth.