Wine Group 2021 Christmas Dinner

We held our Christmas Party at the Church Mouse just outside Durham. Considering there were a lot of us they managed to serve the food quickly, so we all ate together. There is nothing worse than food coming out in dribs and drabs. We all had a good chatter and there was lots of laughter, it was a great evening. The drinks were reasonably priced but I thought a large glass of Coke was a bit steep, I suppose someone has to be Scrooge at Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Gordon organised a card raffle, everyone won a prize and not a pair of complimentary slippers in sight!

There was a slight hitch at the end and Gordon sorted it out. I think he comes prepared for such eventualities!

Many thanks Gordon from us all for organising the meal and everything you do throughout the year to make the Group so successful.

George F