Jean our leader, Lindsey and I from the group visited the Carville Methodist Church Quilters exhibition this morning.  We were not disappointed it was well worth the visit. There was some new local business there that was worth getting to know about.  A sale of work so we acquired some nice bags and other things the ladies had made. The group are a clearly very talented group of ladies and each member wore beautiful badges and a sash to identify the members to visitors. Believe me the sashes were a work of art never mind the quilts. There were modern and old also humorous quilts on show alongside other sewing pieces. We as usual were stunned by the quality of the pieces the diversity and expertise required to produce such beautiful artefacts.

Yes you guessed it the coffee and cake was good too!

On the subject of tea there was a table dressed like an English afternoon tea party, each item of food was sewn and looked so realistic it was amazing and worth seeing. So if you have time the exhibition is on for the next couple of days and open Friday until 9pm, and I highly recommend a visit.

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