It has been a while since we posted on our page, but it is nice to be back.

As usual the summer is a quiet time for our group due to holidays and grandparent duties etc.

However on the 3rd of September we boarded a bus for our annual trip to Harrogate Patchwork Show. We had the pleasure of being joined by some members of our main group at Seaham Harbour and other U3A interest groups for the day.

The group are always interested in the exhibition quilts and spend some time looking and discussing the work that has been produced to such a high standard. The colour choices of fabrics and combinations were of particular interest to most of us.

Then let the shopping begin!! We were spoilt for choice of materials and accessories, and some returned home with essentials that they didn’t know they needed when they left home.

It was a good day and it gave us inspiration and some gained motivation to get sewing again after a quiet summer.

As usual the café visit at the end of the day to regroup and take stock was an essential part of the day.

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