Programme of Study

The group decided to use a chronological timeline to give us a foundation for our study, however we are not limited by this and may deviate if something of current interest sparks our interest. Members also research topics themselves and are happy to take the lead and share the fruits of their labours.

1. The history of the “Harbour View”, and the interpretation of images of the building from the past, as well as the history of Thomas Prosser the father and son.

2. Detailed scrutiny of an 1850 map of Seaham, to identify and explain specific details.

Scrutiny of William Chapman’s drawing of the docks and using his report to interpret his drawing.

3. Using a local map for support we followed the history of ship building in Seaham.

4. We interrogated the will of Matilda Bowes, wife of William Bowes of Dalden 1420.Archaic terms were explained and we used the will to identify what it revealed about life in this area and the social hierarchies prevalent at this time.

5. Looked at the booklet about the Seaham Fishing Fleet. We considered the special features of a coble. This was linked to the mention of cobles in the will of Matilda Bowes 1420. Finally we studied local postcards illustrating the different types of boats to be found in the docks of Seaham Harbour over the years.

6.  Seaham Hall; the history and evidence of early settlement-a hall or manor house.

7. The history of the Rock House Dene; the bridges and roads crossing the dene and the owners of Adam and Eve’s Garden.

8.  History of the town supply of gas.

9. History of the town supply of electricity.

10. History of the town supply of drinking water.