Social Group Outing.

Thirty of our members set off from Seaham for what was to turn out to be another wonderfully enjoyable day ahead. Chocolate to eat on the way and a raffle not to be missed. Sorry no Turkish Delight Julie. First stop was to Mains Gill Farm shop for a bit of retail therapy. The quality of their foodstuffs, and numerous delightful household and Christmas items to buy left many with a hole in their pockets! It was a good job the bus had a big boot for the purchases of some. The food in the café was first class and their cream cakes were too great a temptation for most!

On to Richmond next to the delightfully quaint Georgian Theatre where seats seem to be right on the stage amongst the actors. Aladdin was the Pantomime this year, with a guest appearance from Freddie Mercury as the Genie. There was much jeering, booing and hissing, “It’s behind you” ing and slapping of thighs! Light bulbs were thrown at the baddie with great gusto. Laughs were a-plenty and the whole performance was first class. Aladdin did get a shock from his audience when he said, “I’ve been silly haven’t I?”, “ Yes”, immediately came back from the whole auditorium. Unexpected, as the Panto dame remarked. One of the best Panto Dames around. It was lovely to see some young members of the cast involved too. Well done everyone. Highly recommended. Ice creams and drinks in the interval too.

But all too soon it was time to go home, happily worn out after lots of laughter and fun.