Hi All

I hope you’re all keeping safe in these difficult times.

This morning myself, Gordon, Kathleen, Mabel, Joan, George and Carole had an informal committee meeting in Mabel’s garage !! we even took our own chairs

Sorry you couldn’t all attend but with social distancing etc it wasn’t possible

We agreed that Kathleen would ask Pauline Ramshaw if she was prepared to audit the accounts again. If she agrees and once, they are done a copy will be sent by mail to each member with the usual AGM paperwork, except we cannot have elections. However, if you remember it was agreed earlier that the existing officers and committee would continue until next year.

I was asked to do another letter for members which will accompany the accounts.

If you have any comments or information about the groups, other activities or anything in general can you please let me have it so that I can include it in the letter?