Leader:  Brian Angus

We are currently meeting on the first Monday of the month at 10.30 am for photography outings, and then again on the third Monday to review the results.

Our first meeting was in August 2012 at Noses Point where everyone took some very good pictures of the wild flowers, which I have to say were beautiful, as was the weather.  On the third Monday we met at a member’s house to see the results.  Congratulations were offered on the very good work produced and gentle constructive comments made on possible improvements.  For our September outing we travelled all the way to the terrace green and the beach and have yet to review the results.   Once again we were blessed with sparkling weather.

Photography is all about pictures not equipment; cameras don’t need to be expensive, any camera will do.  Modern digital cameras are extremely efficient and will reliably produce perfect pictures – you just have to know where to point them.  That’s my job, so why not give it a go!