Plots and Spangles The Embroidered Vestments of Helen Wintour was the exhibition we visited today at Bishop Auckland Castle 25.02.2016.

It was nice to have Jean our leader accompanied by Bill joining us on our trip today. Although a smaller group than usual we thoroughly enjoyed learning about this incredible lady and seeing he life’s work of embroidery of ecclesiastical garments. Her talent was amazing and skill of embroidery using different techniques was awesome. They still look as good today as when they were made. It has been a divided collection for years, but has been brought together on display for the first time since Helen Wintour’s death in 1671.

As always the social history associated with her work was interesting and each piece told it’s own story.

It was a different kind of exhibition to our usual quilting and patchwork jaunts but well worth the effort. As usual the coffee and cake was a must, well it would be rude not too?

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