The 2nd of February was the date of our first outing of the year. Six of the group met at Newcastle City Library to see the exhibition of quilts done by “The Boys” a group of survivors of the Holocaust or their descendants to remember the atrocities.

The real quilts are too precious to send out so the quilts displayed are a facsimiles of the originals. Even though it would have been nice to see the real work it was a privilege to be able to see this precious exhibition as displayed.
Each square was done by the person or  family members  with their own story to tell of their particular experience and effect on their family the war and events the Jewish people had to endure.

There was written accounts for each block to explain about it and these were very personal stories and were quite heart rendering. There was also a video loop telling the story of the families and the formation of the group. How future generations will take on the work of keeping the history going and more importantly to make the world aware of their stories so it may never happen again.

It is well worth a visit even for such an emotive subject. it is also a free entry.

By chance running along side the quilts is an Anne Franks exhibition telling her families story which is worth a visit and a few minutes of your time.We as always need the coffee stop and lunch on our outings, and can highly recommend the library café.

All enjoyed the group experience and a day in each others company thank you all for a lovely day.

Report by Oonah Hackett

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