On 12 July 2012 Seaham Harbour U3A’s regular monthly meeting had a format change.  The morning was devoted to mingling, drinking tea and coffee and eating cakes and viewing our members’ creative efforts.

On this occasion, the Arts Appreciation Group didn’t have to go far to view some great exhibits!  We have some marvellous artists in our U3A, encompassing expertise in painting, photography and patchwork.  There was certainly a lot to see and be impressed by.  The sea of course played a big inspirational part, as well as family portraits, portraits of famous people, and paintings done in the style of Van Gogh, Monet and even Leonardo.   Jubilee year played a small part too!   There were pencil drawings and paintings of local scenes we recognised.   Brian’s photographs were just so beautiful.  One of my favourites was a close up of clear reflective water breaking over rocks making a contrast in one photograph with the foamy whiteness of the surf.   I don’t really want to single anyone out because they were all so wonderful, but that photograph really drew me in!

The patchwork team displayed beautiful bright colourful quilts, cushion covers, advent calendars and lots more.

We also had George Beadling and Sarah selling books people had donated.  It was quite a large stock of books and they managed to make about £38.

The whole exhibition was delightful, surprising and impressive and certainly gave us a lot to think about, not least concerning how talented our members are!

Did you come along? What did you think?